Keep your system running with our Custom pigging products

Foam Pigs

We offer a variety of light, medium and heavy density foam pigs for any application. These pigs can be bare foam, poly crisscross or wrapped in wire brush with bullet nose or bi-directional. The pigs can be extended in length and can be equipped with a transmitter cavity and pulling rope if needed. Whether you need swabs for drying or brush pigs for cleaning, Boar Pipeline Supply has the right pigs for the job.

Solid Urethane Pigs

Great for routine pigging and product displacement, we offer a variety of solid urethane pigs with a variety of cups and disc configurations. These pigs come in a range of durometers from soft 60A to harder 90A if needed. They can also be outfitted with wire brushes for more aggressive cleaning and transmitter cavity if needed.

Mandrel Pigs

These style pigs are ideal for chemical cleaning, black powder removal, paraffin removal or simply gauging a pipeline. Starting with a steel body, our mandrel pigs can be configured in a variety of combinations. They can be outfitted with polyurethane or rubber cups and/or disc, aluminum gauge plates, wire brushes, magnets and transmitter cavities.

Custom Pigs

If you have specific obstacles in your project, contact us to build custom pigs for you. We can discuss your exact needs and specifications to make your project a success. We work closely with our clients from concept to creation by providing drawings and frequent production updates until the finished products are delivered.

Pigging Accessories

Boar Pipeline Supply offers a variety of pigging related tools to assist with your next pigging project. Some of these items include pig tracking equipment, pigging/cleaning chemicals, pig retrieval poles, replacement closure O-rings, pigging valves, product containment berms, dewatering filter bags, dust suppression bags, frac tank ventilation bags and magnet (Gauss) meters.